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Our Team

Our Management Committee brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the day-to-day operations of Toshvi Brands. This team is focused on strengthening the company’s ability to grow with our consumers, create value for them and provide compelling opportunities for our people.

Our leadership has the vision to make a difference by linking the right people at the right time in the most engaging way. We believe with this approach a lot can be accomplished and established for our growth and our client's growth. Since inception, Toshvi has benefitted from a superior leadership team - from our strong, active board members to our experienced and well versed senior management team.

Leading the Way with Passion and Perfection

Our management team brings a wealth of expertise to simplify and expedite the day-to-day operations of Toshvi Computers. Our team is highly focused on strengthening our ability to grow along with our customers, generate value and deliver opportunities for our people to excel. The leaders have the vision to make a difference by linking the right people at the right time, in a striking and engaging manner. Ever since its inception, our company has benefited from superior leadership that includes smart and active board members and experienced and knowledgeable senior managers. They are all able to drive talent in the company and bring in maximum results for our clients.