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Server Level Solutions:

Today, digital securities of your website, data, and company credentials have become more important than ever. Cyber threats are increasing by the day and that’s why it’s important to have the right solutions for your servers so that they are well-protected with robust technologies. Toshvi’s team of experts will analyse and understand your hardware requirements, technical specifications, and future plans. We also try to gauge your budget and offer the right solutions for hardware and servers from leading brands like IBM, Cisco, HP, Microsoft, etc. Our team will handle everything – from procurement, configuration to maintenance of all the servers. Backed by our support package that includes 24x7 remove or on-site server support, you can be assured that you don’t need to hire your own IT management team.

Our solutions are smart and sustainable so that one server can often perform additional tasks during a single request or response. For instance, verifying the identity of the user, ensuring all the permissions are present, and formatting or returning the response as per expectations.
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Open Source Server

Monitor the software for your IT infrastructure with our open-source server solutions. It includes network equipment, Windows and Unix servers, virtual infrastructure and all different kinds of applications. The wide range of features makes it a next-gen software that seamlessly handles all the monitoring issues your company may be facing. We bring you the most popular and reliable open-source web servers like Apache HTTP Server, NGINX, Apache Tomcat, lighttpd and Node.js. Want to experience the power of open-source servers? Call us today!

Storage and Backup:

When most of your business data is stored on the system or on the cloud, backup and storage services become highly important. We deliver modern backup and recovery capabilities so that your data is safe and always available – either on premise at remote offices or in the cloud. In case of any breakdown, we can easily retrieve all your important data, ensuring that business never stops. Whether it is for any individual, application, server, computing device, or a computer, we can ensure fast and reliable recovery at all times. Our unified architecture and simple console enable our partners to scale their IT environments easily while ensuring that all data is safe and secure. We can also help you choose the right storage solutions for your critical data and help you maintain it in the best possible way.
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Powering Solutions - UPS Online/Line Interactive/Solar

Static UPS systems use advanced solid-state technology to manage power control and communication. Compared to the traditional rotary systems, these are highly effective and reliable, too. At TCSPL, we provide UPS ranging from 600KVA to 1100KVA for different business applications.

The static UPS systems are available in various power topologies and they use a stored energy source like lead or acid battery. It accumulates power from an electrical source and disposes it during a blackout or a disturbance in the power supply. On the contrary, online UPS systems use power from conditioning and charging components during normal operations. This way, the load always gets conditioned power as compared to the raw mains. These online UPS systems are also known as double conversion as the incoming power is first converted to DC for the battery and then to AC before it reaches the load. As a result, it is well-insulated and there’s no power interruption when it switches from the main to the battery.

Our line-interactive UPS systems are enhanced by the addition of voltage regulation features as they use a ferroresonant transformer or a buck-boost transformer. As a result, it reduces the frequency of transfers to the battery and improves efficiency while also minimizing wear and tear of the battery. It also offers an energy store that helps in maintaining uninterrupted power supply output when your inverter switches on.

In modern times, most users who require highly-critical loads tend to choose online UPS topology as it protects not just sensitive equipment but also important data from power supply problems. Today, modern UPS hardware has become far more efficient in its operations, thus also reducing the operation costs for a company.

We also supply solar-powered UPS systems from leading brands like Luminous and Microtek amongst others. As they are financially more cost-effective than other generators, it is a great solution for many companies. Plus, it is a greener and environment-friendly solution, too. We can help you procure, configure and maintain the hardware with the help of our highly tech-savvy team.

Turnkey Solutions

At Toshvi Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. we offer a wide range of turnkey solutions for all services. With our extremely talented and hardworking staff, we assure our clients the very best solution for their IT-related problems. Extensive research, creative ideas and a technically sound team provide our clients with the perfect solution. Our team handles everything from IT setup like networking, CCTV, UPS back-up to enterprise solutions, servers, storage, software, and more. We can customize applications like ERP and SAP for your particular requirements. Apart from software solutions, we also handle all your hardware needs with our servers, Storage, softwares, Network Security appliances, desktops, laptops, workstations, biometric systems, AMC, FMS, and more. When you choose our turnkey solutions, you can complete packages under one roof!